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How to start your website ?

Purchase a Domain

Register your domain and order Hosting via our website click here.

Payment & Installation

After receiving an Invoice make payment to our Account and your Order will be activated.


After install & import datas, Everything is almost ready for you to change to your liking.

Our Websites Starts from Just

only R150/per month

Why choose Moila Holdings? Let’s point out some striking services that we offer

Graphic Design

We create world class designs, from company logo to magazine, poster, flyers and more

Cloud and Data Solutions

We Offer best cloud Storage and Data Management solution to individual, small, medium and Large organizations.

Web Development

We Design best responsive website and Applications that makes your company / organization look professional.

Software Supply & Development

Moilaconnects Develops and Supply computer Softwares. If Nee a Custom made software you are at right place.

Online Store Development

We Develop Best Online Stores from start to finish at Affordable Prices. Sell by just a click and get all Cash.

Web Hosting

@ Moila Hosting we Register Domain, Host websites, E-mails and Web Based Applications. We are a Trusted ISP.

We deliver on time

We always keep in touch with our clients to make sure that they are updated with their order or projects at all times.

Dedicated Support

Moila Support team is available 24/7 365 day to attend to any technical problem and always make sure that we give our clients our best service.